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Notcom has released TinyUmbrella to save SHSH blobs for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Download TinyUmbrella from links below. TinyUmbrella is a unified version of and TinyTSS. For those who don’t know what the Firmware Umbrella and TinyTSS are, check the details below along with the Download LinksFirmware UmbrellaWhen you try to restore an older firmware on the devices listed below, Apple won’t let you do that. Once you ‘upgrade’ they don’t let you downgrade. The way they stop you is basically by a simple response that iTunes receives when you try to restore the firmware of your choosing.

See, the firmware is now signed for the below devices. It is signed with a unique id that only your device has. Apple takes the firmware version files and combines them with your ECID and generates a hash that ONLY APPLE can generate. ITunes packages up this valuable information and sends it to your device. Your device checks the information and verifies the signature (making sure it really came from Apple because it CANNOT be forged as the encryption is very high). If the signature matches then the restore process can continue.

If the signature does not match, the device raises an error and the restore process stops. Apple stops signing older firmwares once a new one is out. FirmwareUmbrella sends the same exact request that iTunes sends Apple when requesting the signatures for your device to be restored. It signatures for your device received from the Apple server and let to downgrade OS indefinitely. TinyTSSTinyTSS is a small java app that acts as your very own signature service. When iTunes verifies the restore for the devices listed below, it checks if you are allowed to restore to the version you are requesting. With TinyTSS + the file(s) you obtained with Umbrella, you will be able to restore to the version of those shsh files forever!

TinyUmbrellaFirmware Umbrella + TinyTSSTinyUmbrella Supports. iPhone 5. iPhone 4S. iPhone 4. iPhone 3GS, 3G. iPod Touch 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G.

iPad 4. iPad mini.

Many people want to install different applications that use all the capabilities of iOS, but for this you have to jailbreak the phone. TinyUmbrella is licensed as freeware for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system without restrictions. It is in iphone tools category and is available to all software users as a free download. TinyUmbrella Download.

iPad 3. iPad1, 2NOTE.

Apple stops signing firmware once a new firmware is out. The whole problem with this cat and mouse crap is that every time a phone gets cracked, some dumb ass has to open their mouths and expose how they did it. Then apple comes along and patches the hole. Sooner or later there will be no more holes and we will all be screwed. – I restored my iphone to 4.0.2 by mistake(thats my fault) but at the same time, I got tired of having to wait for Jailbreakers to jailbreak new versions of the iphone, and then on top of that, having to be in a cat and mouse trap every time. And having to always watch everything I do in I tunes and on my phone. Reason for me updating is I could not use many of my software updates because it required me to have a newer version of the OS on my iPhone.

– And waiting and waiting for Jailbreakers to come out with a solution, mean time im sitting here with more and more softwares on my iPhone that can not be used. – So I had no choice but to just update just so I can use my softwares. – Sooner or later Apple will see that too, and will force all developers to only have softwares for the latest iOS that is currrently release and not be able to use the software in earlier editions of the iOS’s. – Then the entire Jailbreaking community will be royally screwed.


– but then thats when people will also stop buying the iPhone. Because if people get trapped, people will just move on to something else.

– Don’t believe me, look at Myspace. It was the hottest thing in the world, and now not many people use it any more. Now people use twitter and Facebook. – Something has to give in, and Apple needs to stop policing so damn much and they should just concentrate on just making good hardware. – eventually someone will come out with something that will kill the iPhone phase and people will just move on to something better.

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It just takes time for something awesome to come out next that will kill Apple. – thats how the world is. There is always something that will kill the current hot device. It just takes time. – Something like iPAD but an actual desktop version along with using Apps like apple does.

— thats just my 2 cents. Hi guys, I am new with this.I have an iphone 3GS, version 3.0 (7a341), BB 04.26.08.I have bought it in US (AT&T carrier) and jailbroken and unlocked to use it in UK (uk sim). I used ‘redsn0w-win0.8’ long time ago (I think it is 2 years now.).Now it is getting a bit unstable, crashes are more frequent and I could not proper uninstall/reinstall some apps. I was thinking an update.I would like to clean up everything, installing the latest possible software.From the developer team they suggest me to “save my shsh 4.1, if it is not too late. Compile custom firmware for 4.1 and do an update using it.”Could I update my jailbreak (using custom firmware, the latest possible) without losing the unlock? (If I lose the unlock I am actually gone because I cannot use any sim here in UK.).Can you suggest the best procedure?Thanks a lotAle. Hey i have a very big problem, i’d really appreciate some help.okay, so basically i was messing around on my iphone 4 version 4.3.3.

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I dont know its bb, though i use the gevey sim for network, anyway i tried getting siri into my iphone and after a few attempts i had to respring, THIS is where it got stuck at the apple logo and now i cant restore back to 4.3.3 (error 3194) i think its not signed anymore. So now i cant update because neither will i have a working untethered jailbreak, unlock and i cant use the gevey sim either then. So i need help on how to get my phone back 🙁 i tried changing/deleting the host file and i keep getting the same error. PLEASE HELP, I WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATIVE! (i’m not that experienced) so detailed help needed.

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