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.STIHL TS 410, 420 Instruction Manual.Minimize Wear and Avoid Damage Main Parts Specifications Maintenance and Repairs Disposal EC Declaration of Conformity This instruction manual is protected by copyright. All rights reserved, especially the rights to reproduce, translate and process with electronic systems. TS 410, TS 420.Non- observance of the safety Actuate decompression instructions may result in valve STIHL's philosophy is to continually serious or even fatal improve all of its products. For this injury. Reason we may modify the design, engineering and appearance of our.The machine may only be operated by accessories which have been approved people who are fit, in good physical by STIHL for this machine or which are Clothing and equipment health and in good mental condition. Technically equivalent. If you have any.This helps reduce the risk of unit driven device – prevent your clothes vibrations causing an incorrectly STIHL can supply a comprehensive from being contaminated with fuel, range of personal protective clothing tightened filler cap to loosen or come off otherwise change clothes at once.Inspect the spindle of the cut-off Inspect the abrasive wheel guard – machine.


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Most serial numbers are stamped in the motor housing or crankcase to the left or right of the muffler looking down from the top on a flat surface. They will in most cases be 9 digits long and begin with the number 1, 2. Browse our inventory of new and used STIHL Asphalt / Pavers / Concrete Equipment For Sale at Models include TS760.

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Do not work with a device for tight seat – if loose, contact your whose spindle is damaged – risk if specialist dealer. TS 410, TS 420.Always guide the or safety devices in any way for hand-held cutting or when mounted device towards the workpiece – never in on a STIHL cut-off machine cart. Keep the handles clean, dry and – reverse.

Free of oil as well as dirt – important.Have the machine repaired by with the engine-driven combustible gases. A STIHL servicing dealer if the abrasive device in closed or poorly wheel continues to turn nevertheless. Vented rooms – even not Do not cut into pipes, metal tanks or.Hold the cut-off machine firmly with fully supported and must be – above. Both hands and maintain a secure secured against rolling away, grip slipping off or vibrations TS 410, TS 420.– The abrasive wheel must Never push or hit with the device into the for example, use the STIHL water be guided straight in the cutting gap – do not let the cut-off connector.Depending on the version, resin dealer if in doubt. Abrasive wheels are only suitable for dry STIHL recommends the use of genuine cutting or only for wet cutting.

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