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After completing the Arma Armed Assault setup i checked my to see if it would work on my windows 7 computer and it did. But when i copied the files onto a USB and put it into another computer it would start for 3 seconds with a black screen and later come up with Bad Serial number given in setup i do not know what to do so i require some assistance to get this working.the other computer i am putting it on is a Chromebook with a Linux software installed that has a windows emulator called wine.i have version of arma armed assaultThis post was edited by USMarine1242 (2018-11-17 05:23, 267 days ago).

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Carrier Age By Serial Number

Check the Carrier’s website to find a product’s serial number. The website lists all products on one page or by category. Find the item and click through to see the serial number. After going to the Carrier’s website, click on Products, then on the proper category or type of item.

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