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ROSETTASTONEA nyoneinterested in archaeology,Egyptology,cryptology,publishing,IT security,geology, science,writing,mathematics, translation work and/orlanguagesunderstands thesignificance of thisfamous artifact.T he“ Rosetta Stone,' as it is known, has become a metaphor.a metaphor for anything that is important to the process ofdecryption or the unraveling of a complex problem - cracking a codeof some sort. Perhaps even a universal metaphor for hope, creativityand perseverance for many who are trying to learn a new language,attempting to solve a relational puzzle, or seeking to decipher thecryptic issues of these tough economic times.

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Or, let's look at itfrom another perspective - What if we have been able to 'crack thecode' to the development of what some might callthe Rosetta Stone of replicas?ATTENTION: C-SUITE decision-makers inmajor companies.I am ready to email you a ratherunique proposal for corporate sponsorship - 'The MysteriousRosetta Stone' educational traveling exhibit for 7 yearsthroughout America (6,000 sq.ft., 3 venues per year). Over$5M worth of branding and marketing at a fraction of thecost. Giant marketing footprint. We'll connect yourcompany's brand to the rich history and drama surroundingthe iconic Rosetta Stone.

For more info:Watch this unique 90 second 'whiteboard' video. View from west bank of theNile at the Ft. Rashidsite(photo by Dr. Freeman)The Rosetta Stone is much more than a roughly gouged,nicked rock that appears like it was shoved down the side of amountain - it is the key to an ancient civilization and amodern symbol of human discovery, conquest, and scholarship.Even if you are quite knowledgeable about theRosetta Stone, perhaps you will learn some new things by thetime you have finished reading this page.

Plus, you just mightknow of someone who may want to own a stunning, museum-quality replica (45' tall x 30'wide x 11' thick, 95 lbs, 1:1)of the Rosetta Stone. You'll see the comparison between the realthingand the replica below, along with six distinctive &distinguishing features of this project.

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Review the eight innovations of the RosettaStone below, including a planned 3-D holographic image. You'll bepleasantly surprised. But first, let's take a step back in time.The Rosetta Stone was/is anirregularly shaped slab of granodiorite rock weighing about 1,700 pounds. The face has 14 linesof hieroglyphs (It is estimated that there were 29 lines priorto breakage), 32 lines of cursive Demotic, and, at the bottom,54 lines of ancient Greek (language introduced after theconquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great). All proclaim the same(feel free to read it later).Historian, Richard Moore states, 'The French attemptto exert influence over Egypt was due to economics, a political needto weaken Britain and the personal needs of General NapoleonBonaparte, who saw the shadow of unemployment - and a loss ofinfluence - looming as his armies in Italy were nearing the end oftheir successful struggles against Austria.

Having seen the benefitsof Britain's profitable colonies, France's Directory listened toBonaparte's idea to invade Egypt, expel the ruling Marmalukes andestablish a modern style of government friendly toward French ways.' The Napoleonic Egyptian Campaign started in 1798. In1799, as French soldiers were preparing to build the foundation forFort Julian (later known as Fort Rashid) on the West Bank of theNile, the soldiers found the Rosetta Stone (see photo above).That village, called Rashid, was translated as “Rosetta;” hence thename.The Greek text was quickly translated and the lastline of the Greek text impacted everyone who read it: ' Thisdecree shall be inscribed on a stela of hard stone in sacred(hieroglyph)and native(demotic script) and Greek characters.' This meant that a parallel version of the same text was presented in all threeinscriptions! The Stone was deemed to be priceless! Everyonequickly recognized that the Rosetta Stone could very well unlockthe secrets to ancient Egypt.Theability to read hieroglyphs had been lost for almost twocenturies, but now they had hope of understanding this ancientlanguage.

Rosetta stone replicasDr. Freeman officially launchedThe Rosetta Stone Replica Projectat theLibrary of Congresswith the presentationThe MysteriousRosetta StoneENTREPRENEUR LAUNCHES HISTORIC,CODE-CRACKINGROSETTA STONE REPLICA PROJECTPtolemy VThe stone, a fragment of an ancientslab proclaiming the “Memphis Decree” in 196 BC, praised the Egyptian king Ptolemy Von the first anniversary of his coronation.

(At the time,Ptolemy was no more than 13 or 14 years of age.) Even though theBritish defeated the French, a battle of intrigue followed.In September 1801English Colonel Turner, who had fought and won at Aboukir Bay andAlexandria, went to visit General Menou to take the stone back toBritain under the terms of the Treaty of Capitulation. Turnercited the 16th article of the treaty, and Menou handed it overgrudgingly. The French had the foresight to make several copiesof the inscriptions, which served them well after the Britishacquired the stone.Both the French and the British knew they hadsomething valuable on their hands, but it would take years to crackthe code inscribed on the Rosetta Stone.

Only then would its trueworth be revealed.Scholar, Margie Parent writes, '.in the spasmodic voyage from Egypt toEngland, many of the Egyptian antiquities were damaged. Becauseof the importance of the Rosetta Stone, however Colonel Turnerpersonally accompanied this precious cargo on its journey aboarda frigate. The Rosetta stone left Egypt from Alexandria andsailed into the English Channel in February 1802.

At Deptfordthe stone was placed in a small boat and taken through customs.It was initially lodged at the quarters of the Society ofAntiquaries so experts could examine it.' The Rosetta Stone, on display inthe British Museum, has text inscribed on it that permanentlytells a story. On the left side, the painted text reads: ' Capturedin Egypt by the British Army in 1801.'

On right side itreads: ' Presented by King George III.' The hieroglyphic images were studied by many (Johan David Akerblad,Silvestre de Sacy, Rev. Stephen Weston,Dr. Thomas Young, et al), but the Rosetta Stone was ultimatelyin 1822 (approximately 23 years later) by Jean-Francois Champollion (see image), thebrilliant French academic who specialized in ancient languages ofthe Middle East.Jean ChampollionThe Mysterious Rosetta StoneA Code-Crackin'International TreasureCLICK for RAVE REVIEWSDr. Freeman in available to speak at your organizationabout the history of the Rosetta Stone.

Many corporategroups and government agencies love the presentation:TheMysterious Rosetta Stone Cracking the Code toYour Team's SuccessChampollion compared thethree texts, all stating the same Decree. Since these threeinscriptions were all used at the time, the Decree had to be“published” in all of them.Champollion could readboth Greek and Coptic. He was able to figure out what the sevendemotic signs in Coptic were. By looking at how these signs wereused in Coptic he was able to work out what they stood for. Thenhe began tracing these demotic signs back to hieroglyphic signs.By working out what some hieroglyphs stood for, he could makeeducated guesses about what the other hieroglyphs stood for.Given such a rich history, it'smakes even more sense when we see contemporary 'non-weird' examples of the'Rosetta Stone metaphor' being utilized in genomics, science,language learning, translation work, math, cryptology, spaceexploration and IT security.

For instance, the RSA Conferencehas used the ' Rosetta Stone: Security Decoded' as their2010 conference theme in Europe, Japan and the USA. The RSAConference is the largest forum in the world for cryptographersto gather and share the latest knowledge and advancements in thearea of internet security.

There's no doubt that ITprofessionals have a special connection with the Rosetta Stoneas they attempt to stay ahead of the global security threatsperpetrated by hackers.Here's another quick example: In 2004 the European Space Agency (ESA)stated, ' Just as the Rosetta Stone provided the key to anancient civilization, so ESA's Rosetta spacecraft will unlockthe mysteries of the oldest building blocks of our Solar System– the comets. As the worthy successor of Champollion and Young,Rosetta will allow scientists to look back 4600 million years toan epoch when no planets existed and only a vast swarm ofasteroids and comets surrounded the Sun.'

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Somehow, itsconnection to space exploration makes sense, doesn't it?ESARosetta OrbiterThe personal & collectiveimpact of the Rosetta Stone is at once timeless & universal.What is your connection to the significance of this intriguing stone?Bottom Line: The overwhelming importance of the translationof the Rosetta Stone is that it made it possible to read hundreds ofhieroglyph inscriptions on tombs, obelisks and other ancientobjects. Let's take an 'easy-to-understand' look at the meaning ofthe text found on the Rosetta Stone (below).Rosetta Stone Replica SpeaksCelebrity Impersonator ROCK STAR.A.K.A. 'TheRosetta Clone' (:90)Hearscript/read text provided by David Asheim (President) and teamatCall 415-294-3619 (then dial 1#, then 2#, and then 3# to hearmore). Text 'Rosetta Tour' to 56512 for visual tour.The Rosetta Stone: Replicating a Mystery (short film, 13 min.)Dr.

Joel Freemanexplains the historical significance of the famous Rosetta Stoneto a group in MarylandDr. Joel Freemanon Canadian TV talking about items from his Rosetta StonecollectionOne of our RosettaStone replicas used on the movie set of 'Night At The Museum 3'in Vancouver1st-generation cast of theRosettaStone owned byThe Freeman InstitutefromThe Freeman InstituteHistory Collection. OVERVIEW:The text on the Rosetta Stone gives us a glimpseinto Egyptian life - ripped out of the headlines - recounting the many decrees ofPtolemy V upon the anniversary of his reign (196 BC).During the previous year, Ptolemy had succeeded in subduinga rebellion by a certain temple and priesthood whohad refused to pay tithes and taxes to thePharaoh. They occupied a fort-like temple on thebanks of the Nile. Rather than attacking thetemple with his army, Ptolemy diverted the NileRiver around the Temple by damming, diggingtrenches and canals around it, depriving them offood and water.A few months later, the rebel priesthoodsurrendered. Ptolemy decreed a general amnesty forthe rebels (except for the leaders).

He allowedmany of the priests to retain their homes andwealth, decreed a national celebration of thejubilee of his reign and gave the people a taxbreak (for real!). Ptolemy also declared himself adeity to be worshipped in all temples of Egypt,with a facsimile of himself in stone to be theobject of veneration with the burning of incenseand prayer 3 times per day.His final decree was that the entire record ofthis adventure be inscribed in stone in theEgyptian and Greek languages of the kingdom and that the decreeshould be placed prominently in all temples inEgypt and other important places and towns. Hencethe Rosetta Stone.OVERVIEWThe story behind the Rosetta Stone was intriguingall by itself, but the cracking of the code of the hieroglyphswas enormously important for understanding the history andculture of ancient Egypt, thus revealing details of acivilization going back close to 4,000 years BC.Inscription images are from the face of the Classic Rosettareplica -The Rosetta Stone is a stone with writing on it in two languages(Egyptian and Greek), using three scripts (hieroglyphic, demoticand Greek). Three scripts were being used in Egypt at the time.HIEROGLYPHICSImportant for religious documentsDEMOTIC SCRIPTCommon script of EgyptGREEKLanguage of the rulers of Egypt at that timeLet's fast forward to the 20th Century. As you probablyknow, the genuine Rosetta Stone is housed at the British Museumin London. Violator depeche mode torrent tpb. In the 1970’s, the British Museum made a mold ofthe full face of the authentic Rosetta Stone, and cast a small number offirst-generation reproductions.And now, the 21st Century.

The Freeman Instituteobtained one of these facsimiles (see image above, to the left) from a gentlemanwho was informed by the British Museum that only 12-15first-generation replicas had ever been made, and that he hadacquired the last one. view thereplica below 'I wholeheartedly endorse Dr.

Freeman'sreplica as the only one (full size, 3D) I've ever seenavailable in the world, and with the research he has performed,has the best provenance possible. It should be in everyuniversity with an Egyptology Department, let alone in Egypt.'

T hearduous process of developing these replicas has been time-consumingand expensive - taking well over five years. Under the umbrella of,(Rosetta Classic, LLC) has developed a life-size, 3-D mold of theRosetta Stone (45' tall x 30' x 11' thick).Early 1900s' magic lantern'glass slide image ofthe Rosetta Stonefrom The Freeman Institute History CollectionThe face of the mold, which is the mostimportant part of the Stone, has been lasered from the face of the1st generation cast mentioned above (see photos below). The sides and rear ofthe Rosetta Stone replica have been painstakingly renderedartistically from photos of the various views of the Rosetta Stone taken by Dr.Freeman on his many visits to the British Museum over thedecades.The Rosetta Stone was cleaned in 2004 by theBritish Museum. Along withmany other interesting aspects, the cleaning of the Rosetta Stonebasically revealed that it was made of granodiorite, not basalt. We are confident that the cleaning process did not alter theoriginal integrity of the face of the Rosetta Stone. If that is the case, thecleaning of the Rosetta Stone did not alter thestructure, the precise placement or design of the lettering, or itsexternal shape/form. It is those elements upon which we focus.The museum-quality facsimiles we are designing willbe about as close as anyone can get to owning or exhibiting thereal thing.

We are also constructing a cylinder base (30' tall x 28'across),similar to the one pictured to the left, except for the squareplatform at the bottom of the base.Why are we doing all this? Watching reruns ofthe 'Jay Walking'segmentswith Jay Leno on evening TV reveals how little knowledge peoplepossess about modern or ancient history.

It's as sad and asfrightening as it is humorous.Our desire is to educate people - young and oldalike - about the significance of the Rosetta Stone, understandingits role in cracking the code to Hieroglyphics - which helped tospawn the intriguing fields of Archaeology and Egyptology - acryptologist's dream. People viewing the Rosetta Stone replicaexhibitions will want to learn more.Our main passion is to develop an excitement in the hearts of peopleto want to travel to view the real artifact/artefact (Rosetta Stone), which is exhibited inLondon at the British Museum.The reconstruction partof making the life-size mold is a painstaking process and wewill take our time to make sure that the face of the replica isdesigned as close to perfection as is possible. We have alreadydeveloped a 3-D digital image of the Rosetta Stone throughDirect Dimensions (see image to right). From this image we arecreating the aluminum mold. The mold will then be used tofabricate the full-size, 3-D replicas. See how it all works below.

LASER SCANNING (Non-Contact) Laser Scanning is the process of shininga structured laser line over the surface of an object in orderto collect 3-dimensional data. The surface data is captured by acamera sensor mounted in the laser scanner which recordsaccurate dense 3D points in space.

Laser Scanners arenon-contact devices used to gather 3D digital data from avariety of objects. A beam of light passes over the object whilea camera mounted inside the scanner records the position of thelaser.

This 3D data is then transferred to the computer and theimage is 'drawn' in 3D on the screen. The Xystum XSM (picturedto the right) automatic 3-axis machine with a laser scanningprobe option is what was used on the Rosetta Stone Replicaproject. Accuracy: 0.0005' - Below are images of theRosetta Stone replica being scanned. One of the leadingcompanies in this technology in the world has completed thisproject.

(see more photos below).Digital Modeling is the process of creating a computer modelof an object that exactly replicates the form of the object.Laser scanners are used to capture the 3D data of the object,and then this data is transferred to the computer where it isaligned and edited and finalized as a complete 3D model. Here'show it works:scanning itemdigital information transferred to computercomputer modelmold created and replica manufacturedexact replicaprovided by Direct Dimensionsyou will have to download software to view andmanipulate the image. W E A R E G R A T E FU L T O A L L W H OH E L P E D W I T H T H I S P R O J EC T3-D digital model by.Stereo Lithography Technology by.Fabrication ofall final molds & hand-crafted replicas by-.Sculpting the Rosetta Stone look and feel on sides and rear by -Developing digital face for 'Baby Rosetta' model by -&Specific type of granodiorite identified by, Prof. Emeritus of Geology, U. Of ToledoDevelopment ofby, President ofMetal artisan, Ray Santa.owner and CEO ofDave Saraiva (thanks for the link) atEugene DeMuro (President) and team for etching the face of the Classic,Jr. Model at.Hear script/read text provided by David Asheim (President) andteam atCall 415-294-3619 (then dial 1#, then 2#, and then 3# to hear more).Text 'Rosetta Tour' to 56512 for text tour. BREAKING NEWS!

BREAKING NEWS!BREAKING NEWS!BREAKING NEWS!The ClassicRosetta Model is Now Available'The Rosetta Stone of Replicas'Below are some quick snapshots of therecently completed sculpture.The mold was cast from thesculpture.Making of Pedestal BaseMaking of MoldClassic, Jr Model -Brand New!2/3 size, 3-D (approx 30' tall x 20' wide x 7.5' thick,25 lbs)Only one like this in the world.Classic, Jr. Model showcased in the ' GuideBy Cell' boothat a recent American Alliance of Museums (AAM) expoprovided by Direct Dimensionsyou will have to download software to view andmanipulate the image.

I M P O R T A N T. The main purpose of Dr. Joel Freeman, The FreemanInstitute Foundation and Rosetta Classic, LLC embarkingupon this project is toeducate and inspire the masses (especially young people)about the impact the Rosetta Stone has had upon ourunderstanding of Egypt (located in Africa) and the rest ofthe world.How many have nevereven heard of the Rosetta Stone - let alone being awareof the historical and archaeological significance of thisartifact? It's actually funny.some people inon-the-street-interviews believe that Rosetta Stone is awoman. On the other hand, some may have heard the term, ' RosettaStone,' but have never made the connection between thename/words/concept/brand and the genuine Rosetta Stone.One of the objectivesfor the 3-D replicas and 3-D holographic project is toprovide a new and different way to reach/teach youngpeople.

Educators understand that the engagement of any extrasense (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, etc.)increases the immediate understanding and retention of atopic. We are hoping that these models will be viewed (andtouched) by millions around the world - making it amemorable experience for each person.As visitors to RosettaStone replica exhibits become more aware of the Rosettastone, they just might go home and read about it on theInternet.We also want tocreate a desire within everyone who actually sees areplica and learns more about it, to travel to London toexperience the genuine Rosetta Stone - currentlyexhibited at the British Museum. Webelieve that we are the first and only entity in the worldto offer commercially-available, full-size, 3-D replicas ofthe original Rosetta Stone to potential purchasers for whateverprivate or public interests they may have. In other words, a potential customer is not requiredto represent a bona fide museum or educational institutionto obtain one of our innovative Rosetta Stone replicas. Our full-size, 3-D replicas are available for purchase byanyone in the general public.This is one of the most compelling aspects of this project,which matches our desire to provide a hands-on experiencewitha replica of one of the important archaeologicalartifacts ever discovered.for millions of people.ii. We provide a specialdiscount for museums, educational institutions and anyother bona fide non-profit organization that desires touse the replica for educational/exhibition purposes (31%off introductory price for Classic Rosetta model). Tell usabout your organization (include your website) when youask for more.iii.

We aredeveloping various models to match large or small budgets- unique innovations that exhibit well in either large orsmall spaces - for domestic or more expansive exhibitionpurposes.iv. Once youhave selected the model you want to purchase, we cangenerally ship a replica within 4-6 weeks to anycustomer,anywhere in the world - a rather quick turn-around forsomething of such unusually fine quality.hand-craftedespecially for you. These are not 'offthe shelf' replicas made on some assembly line inChina. All replicas are made in the USA.v. We provideexcellent, world-class customer service before, during andafter your delivery.We will respond ASAP to any of your questions via or phone (410-991-9718). Uponrequest, customer references are's one of the most exciting features: Our ClassicRosetta modelsmimic the appearance of the genuine Rosetta Stone( after the original Rosetta Stone was cleaned in 2004).Therose-colored vein of granodiorite that came to light afterthe 2004 cleaning of the original Rosetta Stone is set in the upperleft hand corner of our natural colored, 3-D replicas.This is an extremely difficult aspect of the original RosettaStone to duplicate when fabricating a threedimensional piece of art, utilizing rotational castingtechnology. It is our objective to offer nothing butexcellence on every level.

You'll see.RosettaClassic is not affiliated with the British Museum, whichhas not endorsed orsponsored Rosetta Classic, The Freeman InstituteFoundation, or the Rosetta Stone replica project.Dr. Freeman has an intriguing presentation' TheMysterious Rosetta Stone.' You can hire the ' Rosetta Stone Man,' Dr.

Freeman ( ), to come to your organizationtomake a highly visual & educationalpresentation/exhibition about thehistorical &contemporary significanceof the Rosetta Stone.wikipediaT H ER O S E T T AS T O N Eo f R E P L I C A S. CLASSICROSETTA: - PICTURED ABOVE.available!full-size, stunning 3-D replica (approx.45' high x 30' wide x 11' thick, 95 lbs). This model is themost requested - especially formuseum, library, educational exhibitions.

The colorationwillbe mixed into the resin, for durability& beauty.designed to mimic (as closely as possible)theshape and the coloring of the genuine Rosetta Stone. Whitelettering for ease of reading.(2).CLASSIC BRONZE ROSETTA:- available!limited edition (only 950) full-size, 3-D cold bronzemodel (resin & bronze). Black lettering.(3). CLASSIC SILVERROSETTA:- available!limited edition (only 950) full-size, 3-D cold silvermodel (resin & silver).

Black lettering.(4). CLASSIC FINE ARTBRONZE ROSETTA:rare, limited edition(only 350) full-size, 3-D 'lost-wax' bronze foundry processdesignedfor highly valued fine art pieces that are immortalized in likemanner - in development-CLASSIC / BRONZE / SILVER / FINE ART ROSETTA PEDESTAL BASES:30' high x 28' wide base (with iron cradleoption) to exhibit replica. (see 2 exhibition concepts below)- in development stage(5).

CLASSIC ROSETTA,JR: - available!2/3 size, 3-D replica (approx. 30' high x 20' widex 7.5' thick, 25 lbs).

Perfect for exhibition in school,museum or home. HYBRID ROSETTA:- available!unique, dual-purpose model: unscrew the topfrom the coffee table top and now you have a beautiful piece ofarchaeological art to hang on your wall.HYBRID CONCEPTOne momentit's a coffee table.

The next moment it's wall art!TOP: White lettering.(40'long x 30' wide x 2.5' thick, 40 lbs.). The shape anddepth of the top goes with the natural flow of theRosetta Stone replica.BASE/LEGS: One piece welded metalconstruction with twisted metal connecting the legs.The metal is covered with a matte black finish. Thisis just one design concept for the coffee table base(byMetal artisan, Ray Santa.owner and CEO of).Beautiful piece of archaeological wall artHybrid Rosetta Coffee Table(7). BRONZE PLAQUE ROSETTA:plaque-like models that are shaped in the distinctive outline ofthe face of the Genuine Rosetta Stone(40' tall x 30'wide x 1/2' thick).

Legacy awards that double asarcheological wall art, in four models:. 'Lost-Wax' PlaqueBronze Rosetta (limited edition.only 1,500)-in pre-development.' Cold Bronze' Plaque Rosetta (with black lettering) - PICTURED BELOW.available!. 'Cold Silver' Plaque Rosetta (with black lettering)- PICTURED BELOW.available!. Classic Plaque Rosetta (withwhite lettering) - PICTURED TO THE LEFT. Cold Bronze' Plaque Rosetta'Cold Silver' Plaque Rosetta(8).

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HOLOGRAPHIC ROSETTA: - in pre-development stage.we are in the beginning stages of working on anabsolutely stunning 3-D digital holographic image ofthe Rosetta Stonethat is suspended in mid air. Theinitial descriptions indicate that there is nothing elselike it- to be made available for museum exhibits, special events, etc.An educational jaw-dropper. TH E RO S E T T A ST O N E o f RE P L I C A S. OfficialDimensionsof Genuine Rosetta StoneHeight: 114.400 cm (max.)Width: 72.300 cmThickness: 27.900 cmExhibition Pedestal Base ConceptPedestal Exhibition Base- 30' x 30'(hand crafted for each replica)Metal piece designed by Chesapeake Iron Worksto securely attach the replica to the exhibitionbase.We have recreated the cylinder of the original exhibition base you see inthe image ( London Illustrated, 1874) below, exceptthere will be no square piece at the bottom of the pedestal base. Theseexhibition bases are comprised of a sand-filled,granite-like resin cylinder (about 30' tall x 30' across) - available only for the life-size,Classic Rosettamodels.We also have another exhibition concept (designedespecially for mobility.greater ease in shipping thereplica & base to/from trade shows, for instance), attaching theRosetta Stone replica to a black matte pipe screwed into thebottom at a very slight forward angle. The other end of the pipewill be screwed into a large granite-like resin base filled with sand - or a flat piece ofsteel.

We are currently working on the viability/stability ofthe base concepts and the pricing of theexhibitionbase ideas. We will also be developing exquisitely framed copies ofthe 1874 London Illustrated image -from The Freeman Institute History CollectionIt was originally thought by experts that theRosetta Stone inscription was carved into basalt.

But in recentyears (after the cleaning in 2004) it has been determined that the genuine RosettaStone is actually granodiorite rock from an Aswan quarry (seesamples below).Granodiorite /Main Rosetta StoneCoarse pinkish granite vein in upperleft hand corner of Rosetta StoneGRANODIORITE:This is a strange, mixed rock. It has a high quartz content,like a granite, but also a high mafic (amphibole/biotite)content (10-25%) more like a diorite. Granodiorite is typicallyintermediate colored with a mixture of light coloredmicrocline, sodium plagioclase and quartz, and dark colored amphibole and biotite.

The granodiorite from Aswan, however, is unusual inthat its mafic content is 25-35% and this gives the rock a darkgray to nearly black color that is broken only by theoccasional, large pink microcline and white plagioclase crystals.We reached out to manygeologists around the world trying to identify the specific varietyof granodiorite used in the creation of the Rosetta Stone.Everyone we emailed stated that Dr. Harrell was theleading expert on the topic.For 20 years Dr.

James'Jim' Harrell (Professor Emeritus of Geology, University of Toledo)has been conducting a survey of Egypt's ancient mines andquarries. To date 210 mines and quarries have been identified.Dr. Harrell, an expert in archaeological stone, has traveledextensively throughout the region (sometimes at great personalperil), discovering that about 75% of the quarries are in oradjacent to the Nile Valley, including the quarries for graniteand granodiorite in the Aswan region. provided by Direct Dimensionsyou will have to download software to view andmanipulate the image T HE F REEMANI NSTITUTE ® F OUNDATIONMain Purpose ForDeveloping the Rosetta Stone ReplicasThe Freeman Institute ®owns aofwell over 2,500 vintagedocuments and artifacts, with the oldest piece dated1553. The goal is to develop Black History galleries,connecting the African American experience with galleries in majorU.S.

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