Prestashop Slideshow Module Free

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Hello Lena, thank you for your tip. When I do that, the slider has the whole width of the screen available but it goes all the way to the left of the screen and stays there. I haven’t found a way to make it elastic so that it expands its photos and covers the whole width of the screen.When I go to the slider module I can’t let the width field empty and it doesn’t take 100% as a value so I always have to write a fixed amount of pixels for the width.

Prestashop Slideshow Module Free

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How could I overcome that? Usually with a background you set background-size to 100% on your css and it works like charm but I don’t see how to do it here.There must be a way because your FULL WIDTH SLIDER looks perfect in the picture you posted.By the way, when I followed your tip, I always get the horizontal scroll bar, because apparently the homeslider width is larger than the screen width.If you could help me with these 2 points, it would be very appreciated.Thank you.

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