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Those who like World of Warcraft, at one point or another, have thought about how it would be like to play as one of the NPCs or neutrals that spawn all around the world. Well, Murloc RPG gives you that chance, only you won’t be playing Thrall, you’ll be undertaking quests as a murloc named Murk. An RPG that’s almost a side scrollerMurloc RPG is aimed to deliver the simple idea of playing WoW as a murlock.

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Murloc Rpg 2 Episode 2

Masked Villain is not affiliated with Blizzard or World of Warcraft in any way. This is a fan game, made with love. Note: Some people reported a graphical slow-down after playing for too long. To fix this issue, save your game and refresh the page. Turning off effects from the settings might help too! Play free RPG games and Strategy Games, puzzle games, action games, sports games, flash games, adventure games, multiplayer games and more. Murloc RPG 2: Episode 1 - Age of Games Select English Italiano. Dear un-med i love your murloc rpg games like strangle thorn fever and your website i would be a good storyline maker(you might have recieved a pm at your website about me making you a storyline and stuff so i would be great).and in murloc rpg st fever i beat all the bosses even onyxia im almost on the high score list and im on the forums every.

You start off the game in your murlock village doing murlocky things when you are summoned by the leader of your tribe to perform a quest. After you slay some wolves you start becoming a full fledged warrior and more and more villagers request your services.All the action takes place in a 2D environment where you only have to move from right to left or vice-versa in order to get where you need and kill what needs to be killed. There is no jumping or any kind of other interaction. Equip your murlock and teach him special skillsLike in WoW, your character gains levels and with each one you receive a talent point which you can use to learn a special skill. You get both passive and active skills along with a few spells that can be cast in combat.In Murloc RPG, each fight turns into a turn-based one and since you don’t have any keybinds for your skills they tend to become rather boring especially since you have to fight every neutral you find along your path. Just like in WoW, Murk can take a certain path in his skillbuild, opting for a full rage, magic or combined build. An interesting take on WoWAll in all, Murloc RPG’s graphics are unappealing compared to today’s standards, the animations are way too repetitive and gameplay is a bit tedious but overall, it still offers a unique twist for WoW fans.

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