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  1. People are dying. Children are crying. Concentrate on what I’m saying. (Verse 1: Tap the person on the top of their head with your fist and run your hands down both sides of their head) Crack an egg on your head. Let the yolk run down. Crack an egg on your head. Let the yolk run down.
  2. Top 10 Brain Teasers of All Time. We've put together a list of the coolest and most diverse free brain teasers and riddles you're likely to come across and yes the answers are there if you get stuck. They'll test different aspects of creativity, intuition and provide insight into your problem solving abilities.

Sometimes Life Takes an Unexpected TurnOur hero has always lived a measured life – the great family, good job – and enjoyed every minute of it. Then life suddenly veers off course and you find yourself in a world of horror and terror like never before.Cracked Mind is a 3D horror adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Play Cracked Mind on Mac and PC to truly immerse yourself in the stunning graphics and eerie sounds as you attempt to solve a mystery that may cost your life. Follow along with an exciting story that will take you from a peaceful family dinner to a nightmare that will make you face your ultimate fears. Explore creepy locations and search for items to unlock new areas. Puzzles in every shape and size will block your path as the hordes of deadly creatures circle around you.


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