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ParameterDescriptionqueryThe actual query to be parsed. See.defaultfieldThe default field for query terms if no prefix fieldis specified. Defaults to the index.query.defaultfield indexsettings, which in turn defaults to all.defaultoperatorThe default operator used if no explicit operatoris specified. For example, with a default operator of OR, the querycapital of Hungary is translated to capital OR of OR Hungary, andwith default operator of AND, the same query is translated tocapital AND of AND Hungary. The default value is OR.analyzerThe analyzer name used to analyze the query string.allowleadingwildcardWhen set,. or?

Are allowed as the firstcharacter. Defaults to true.enablepositionincrementsSet to true to enable positionincrements in result queries. Defaults to true.fuzzymaxexpansionsControls the number of terms fuzzy queries willexpand to. Defaults to 50fuzzinessSet the fuzziness for fuzzy queries. Defaultsto AUTO. See for allowed settings.fuzzyprefixlengthSet the prefix length for fuzzy queries.

Defaultis 0.phraseslopSets the default slop for phrases. If zero, then exactphrase matches are required. Default value is 0.boostSets the boost value of the query. Defaults to 1.0.autogeneratephrasequeriesDefaults to false.analyzewildcardBy default, wildcards terms in a query string arenot analyzed.

By setting this value to true, a best effort will bemade to analyze those as well.maxdeterminizedstatesLimit on how many automaton states regexpqueries are allowed to create. This protects against too-difficult(e.g.

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Exponentially hard) regexps. Defaults to 10000.minimumshouldmatchA value controlling how many 'should' clausesin the resulting boolean query should match.


It can be an absolute value( 2), a percentage ( 30%) or a.lenientIf set to true will cause format based failures (likeproviding text to a numeric field) to be ignored.timezoneTime Zone to be applied to any range query related to dates. See also.quotefieldsuffixA suffix to append to fields for quoted parts ofthe query string. This allows to use a field that has a different analysis chainfor exact matching. Look for acomprehensive example.splitonwhitespaceWhether query text should be split on whitespace prior to analysis.Instead the queryparser would parse around only real operators.

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Defaults to true.It is not allowed to set this option to false if autogeneratephrasequeries is already set to true.allfieldsPerform the query on all fields detected in the mapping that canbe queried. Will be used by default when the all field is disabled and nodefaultfield is specified (either in the index settings or in the requestbody) and no fields are specified.When a multi term query is being generated, one can control how it getsrewritten using theparameter. Default FieldWhen not explicitly specifying the field to search on in the querystring syntax, the index.query.defaultfield will be used to derivewhich field to search on.

It defaults to all field.If the all field is disabled, the querystring query will automaticallyattempt to determine the existing fields in the index’s mapping that arequeryable, and perform the search on those fields. Note that this will notinclude nested documents, use a nested query to search those documents. Multi FieldThe querystring query can also run against multiple fields.

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