Grand Show Novogodisnji Program Srbija

  1. Grand Show Novogodisnji Program Srbijax

Novogodišnji program - Najnovije vesti iz Srbije - Online vesti, novosti: Srbija Danas.

Press conference in Romania, March 2012During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the ethnic tensions that started rising in Yugoslavia and which eventually led to its, made Lepa Brena one of the main tabloid targets at the time. Many viewed her as a traitor as she was a Bosniak who sang and spoke with an accent (which is predominantly spoken in ) and she married a Serbian,.

Grand show novogodisnji program srbijaxProgramGrand Show Novogodisnji Program Srbija

Several tabloids claimed that she had converted from to and that she had changed her name from Fahreta to Jelena. She intensely denied these claims.

Lepa Brena has never publicly spoken about her religious beliefs; all that is known is that she was raised as a.In 2009, and protested her concerts in on 30 May and in on 13 June. The reason behind the protests were pictures allegedly shot in 1993 during the wearing the uniform of the in her besieged hometown. Croatian and Bosnian protesters were angered that she was performing in their newly established independent countries and called her a 'traitor' and četnikuša (feminine version of ). The concerts went ahead as scheduled with no incident and she claimed the uniform was from the set of a 1990 music video for her song ', in which she wore a similar uniform while filming at a zoo in for the movie,. Although, when compared side by side, the uniforms are different. Brena also claimed she was only in Brčko in 1993 to rescue her parents.

Discography Studio albums.

Grand Show Novogodisnji Program Srbijax

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