Fixing Hairline Crack In Copper Pipe

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  1. Fixing Hairline Crack In Copper Pipe Metal
  2. Fixing Hairline Crack In Copper Pipe

Copper pipes can spring leaks for many reasons: corrision, freezing and bursting, inadequate soldering, or human accident. For large holes, cracks, or bends, you'll need to replace the portion of the copper line that broke with a new piece of copper. Sorry you might as well replace the cracked area now. A quick fix is always a temporary fix, first though you better find out why it cracked. Is it not buried deep enough and possibly froze and split at one time. Copper just doesn't crack except by some external forces. Your line may need to be deeper in the ground.

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Fixing Hairline Crack In Copper Pipe Metal

I just had an underground tube rupture on my HVAC. The repair guy fixed a huge hole in the copper tube using some kind of flux coated filler rod and a small butane or gas bottle torch.


I don't know what kind of confidence I have in his repair since he did not splice in a new segment though. I think he just scabbed it over. It cost me $350 for labor, brazing, and 21 lbs of new freon. He said if it doesn't hold, he will be back in 3 years. I expect AC to go 10 years with no service though.

Your jeopardy is a lot lower of course.If you silver braze, you might need the crack opening to only be.002.005'. That is a typical braze clearance. You can braze bigger gaps, but at risk of internal porosity. It is actually a statistical problem more than an insurmountable obstacle. Mabye you could get away with a huge gap by using silicon bronze (commonly called Everdur) filler.

Some other people might have more input on this than me. My background is actually welding. If you have a TIG, you could use the silicon bronze fairly easily though.Last edited by obewan; at 02:07 PM.Reason: added comment. Ya if you clean the sides before you close it and flux it the silver brazing will hold better than all the soldered joints for sure.

Just clean it good and maybe put a patch on it if you mess up the first time, but if you can get to it without an mgm production I would just change out the little piece would be the best way to go.then you would have 4 more joints with the couplers. Easiest Quick patch will most likely hold out longer than all of us if done right anyhow. GOOD LUCK My 2 cents. Yes,there is another product by Harris called Stay-silv 15. It is a stick.050x 1/8' which used to be called sil- foss.

Just be sure there are no soft solder joints or pipe doped joints close to it which would need to be protected from the heat. Wet rags could work. Just close up opening like with a pair of channel locks, heat pipe until cherry red and apply sil-foss. It will flow smoothly over split and adhere to pipe. Its a awesome fix.

You may want to test on practice piece to see how it flows. Perfect easy 100% fix. Did this hundreds of time on heating and chilled water coils that freeze. They usually split on the return bends which is easy,its when the tube splits that is a real pain. Sometime surgery is required to remove fins to expose tubing. Why climb a mountain?Why sail the seas?Why ask a hot chick out on a date?Man, come on!

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Are you seriously asking why? The man wants to know his own limits. Could he fix it? He didn't know until he tried. Right or wrong, it is done. If it breaks he may buy a new one. But for now he found that in a pinch he found a solution that could have happened Christmas Eve with a house full of guests from out of town waiting to take showers.

Fixing Hairline Crack In Copper Pipe

Home Depot is closed. What do you do? PUNT!!!!Ok, there. I am done.HeheheheheHave a happy Easter guys!!!Nice fix. Skywest -Always glad to see a braze job!I know it passed the pressure test, but if there's potential for flood damage I'd say the fix needs a quick rework.The filler build-up should be heaviest over the crack, especially near the ends.

Maybe it's just the picture, but it seems to show only a thin 'tinning'over the crack, especially at the left end. The thin cover may not survive temperature/pressure cycles or a water-hammer episode.If there's no flood danger, or if the repair is only exposed to pressure while the water valve is open, you could probably let it ride.Otherwise, for peace of mind, I would say it needs one more quick heat and flow, and a burst test to maybe twice normal water pressure.Good Luck.

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