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  • I have a USB 2.0 IDE/SATA cable/interface, (HW-338?), which gets detected by my Win XP (SP3) system, but is declared as an unknown device.
  • Windows 7 will detect and pop up a wizard to install drivers when our Plugable USB to Serial adapter is plugged in, but it’s also easy as essential on other. This guide assumes that the user has Administrator rights for the system on which these drivers. Deltaco Wlan Usb Driver.

Windows Device Identification strings look rather cryptic (for example, USBVID093A&PID24685&B114931&0&1) but these strings are fundamental to Windows Plug-and-Play and how Windows figures out which drivers work with what devices in the first place! ​This guide describes how to identify the Hardware IDs for a USB web cam, then try and find a driver that matches the Hardware ID. The driver must also be compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Note that older cams may not have drivers that work with newer versions of Windows. (For example, an older web cam may only have XP compatible drivers.) But you won't know unless you first try and look!Update: In addition to the manual search method described below, here's two FREE driver finder tools you can also try that may help find your driver. Connect your cam before you run the tool.

Note these tools may also find driver updates for devices other then your webcam. I advise​.

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' Don't install every driver update just because it finds one. Only install driver updates for devices that aren't working or you think need them.

Create a System Restore point before installing new drivers.// End Update1. Connect your web cam. Attach all power cords (e.g. Laptop and/or web cam). Plug your USB cam directly into your computer ( do not use any external USB hubs).

Turn your cam on. As long as your web cam and computer hardware are working, Windows should detect it!2. Open Device Manager.


Deltaco Ucr 104 Driver Deltaco Ucr 104 Driver. Here you can download deltaco ucr 104 driver for Windows. Its 100% safe, uploaded from safe source and passed Kaspersky virus scan! Driver Info: File name: deltaco-ucr-104drv.exe Driver version: 2.2.8 File size: 2 510 KB OS: Windows Upload source: manufactuter website. Go to link Download.

For Vista= Click Control Panel. If you have Control Panel Classic View, click Device Manager= Click Control Panel.

If you have Control Panel Home View, click System and Maintenance-Device Manager. For XP= Click Control Panel-System, then Hardware tab, then Device Manager button3. Find your web cam in Device Manager.

Understanding Device Names= Windows provides user-friendly device names to accommodate us humans. As far as Windows is concerned, the device name is simply a comment!= It's those cryptic Device Identification strings that really identify a device. If Windows finds NO device driver, your web cam may be named “Unknown” or 'Other' device.

If Windows finds the WRONG device driver you may see your web cam with the WRONG device name. How to find your web cam= While your web cam is connected, look through all of Device Manager for devices with a yellow icon ( probably a yellow question mark)= Be certain to expand the USB category to check all devices listed under it. Also, be sure to also check if category Other Devices appears in Device Manager and look under it as well= Your web cam will appear as a device with a yellow icon ( probably a question mark)= Click on the thumbnail below to see the full sized image. How to verify the device you found is your web cam= Your web cam device will only appear in Device Manager when the web cam is powered on and connected= Disconnect your web cam. Verify the device you had found is no longer displayed in Device Manager4. Find your web cam's Hardware Ids.

In Device Manager, select your web cam device, rt click Properties. Click Details tab. Select Hardware Ids from the pull-down. You'll see a list of one or more Hardware Id strings5. Search for a driver based on Hardware Id. The best driver will match the Hardware Id at the top of the list. The next best driver match will match the next Hardware Id on the list, etc​.

Start by searching for the Id at the top of the Hardware Id list. For example, based on the Hardware IDs shown in the example below First, search for the ID at the top of the list. In this example USBVid054c&Pid002d&Rev0100 Then try the other IDs in the list. In this example USBVid054c&Pid002d TIP: Don't confuse the letter 'O' with the number zero. The ID includes the number zero but IDs NEVER include the letter 'O'. For more help on how to search for a driver using the webcam's Hardware IDs post=741674 see this post/postTwo final notes.

Usb Serial Port Driver Windows 7 32 Bit

2) as fyi.Vista let's you easily copy/paste your Hardware Ids. However, you can use a handy tool called ​Two More Notes! (added 1/4/10).

Vista and Windows 7 drivers. Vista and Windows 7 impose new requirements on device drivers that XP did not (e.g.

They must be 'digitally signed'). Vendors of webcams that work in XP didn't always invest the time/$$ to create Vista (let alone Win 7) drivers for their product. If you have an older webcam, it's possible you may only find drivers for XP. Not Vista or Windows 7. Getting free drivers from Driver GuideIf your search happens to take you to the Driver Guide website, you can download the driver for free (you don't need to become a member) Click the Download tab Choose option: Download this file by viewing a series of ads then click Continue For each ad, just click the No Thanks link (it will appear in lower right corner of each ad) to get to the download. Hi,I tried finding the drivers through the above mentioned steps.but it didnt help me.The Hardware ID for my camera is USBVID0553&PID0100&REV0000 and USBVID0553&PID0100I have a USB Camera which has a sticker 'WeP Innovate' Seems to be Wipro Web cam.but i am not very sure if WeP Innovate is Wipro product.I have been searching for the driver for this since last two weeks.and I just came across this website.Can someone please help me with this.This is a very old webcam with three legs and grey color ball with Green led. USBVID0553&PID0100&REV0000USBVID0553&PID0100​Notes:.

Windows lists Hardware IDs in order of 'best driver match'. So we prefer a driver matching the first ID but if we can't find one Windows tells us the 2nd ID should also work. When i go searching for a driver to match an ID, I use both Google and Yahoo. I usually search with Google first. If not happy with the result, I try Yahoo as well. (I've found Yahoo sometimes provides some good hits that Google missed - and vice-versa)So let's start the search.

Search for the 1st ID= Try to Search for: USBVID0553&PID0100&REV0000 But, in this case, neither Yahoo or Google find any matches. Next, check if REV xxxx is part of the ID. In your case, it is!.

REV is the device Revision Level. If the vendor produced slightly different versions of the device they'll assign each version its own Rev level.

It's sometimes best to drop REV from the search. If your search now gets results, THEN see if REV is displayed in the results and use the rev level to help pick your driver.

But! Look at the 2nd Hardware ID Windows listed.

We see Windows doesn't really care what the REV level is. (No REV occurs in the 2nd ID Windows listed)= So we now search for: VID0553&PID0100 And BINGO!(but note it's designated for Windows 2000 or Windows XP) returned by the search. Looks like a Sonix (0c45) /Mikomi camera.

(see elsewhere in Techspot)It seems Ming Jong Technologies Co., Ltd. Makes the Mikomi camerasI was unable to locate your camera (& drivers) at their site.You may have better luck there.On an Ubuntu site I found a reference indicating a Genius camera using the same driver (same camera id - Oc45:60b0)Here is a site for downloading the driver for the Genius cameraPerhaps someone else can confirm or correct my research before you try it.?Hope this helps.A CSV List of webcams for which one linux driver will work. Good work B00kWyrm!This one isn't easy to find for certain!

(that's the only thing for certain!)You're also right the webcam is built using a Sonix device. And, like you, I also see evidence pointing to a Genius WebcamIf I could find/see the driver's.inf installer file could check for certain but it's harder to know for certain when the.inf is embedded in setup files such that the.inf isn't visible.But i think your driver find if is an excellent guess and one to tryTimothy RajWhich operating system are you using? Try the Setup file B00kWyrm found if it matches your OS. See if and how well it works2. I also found the Genius webcam site. From the title of B00kWyrm's driver and other evidence i found, i think it might be a Genius Look camera???? (Their Look model, not i-Look model) Anyway you can scroll through the site to find it and see the pic.

(Multiple drivers by OS are also available) Click Support-Drivers-Drivers. Look down a bit to see the Webcam tab. Click it.= Now look at their webcams. In particular, scroll down and see the Look 317 (is just a guess). Checkout out all the Look modelsLet's us know if any of these hints help find it! Problem solvedGot it to work with the driver B00kWyrm identified.


Downloaded it from the Softpedia site you posted. What great work. I was kicking myself for wasting all my time looking as I figured it would be cheaper time wise to simply by a new one as it is a shitty camera anyway.As it turns out it was worth my while simply finding this forum and you guys and seeing how help doesn't necessarily come with a hidden agenda. (I had so many attempts to sell me driver location software/scanners etc)Thanks again,nice meeting you guys. Will be visiting again.Do have a nice weekend. Hi alicarlos13I was going to take a look but just noticed something! You must not have copy / pasted the Hardware IDs as they can't be correct as displayed in your post!You stated 'USBVid058&Pid6130&Rev0201&MI00' but, by definition, the Vid format is Vid xxxx where xxxx represents four ' hexadecimal ' digits and you only show three digits (i.e.

Solidworks 2005 torrent cracked. Hexadecimal is numeric base 16, not base 10 which is our normal decimal system). Meaning:. Each hex digit will be either: 0-9 or a, b, c, d, e, or f. Note this representation allows for 16 different characters ('digits') when using hexadecimal base 16.

(This is vs. The 10 digits normally needed for decimal base 10 - which we otherwise normally use!)So you must have dropped a hex digit as you state: Vid058? Double check the Hardware Ids and let us know! Hi,I followed the mentioned steps above, and I successfully found my webcam driver!My webcam now is working!I want to thank a lot Spyder1386, especially LookinAround for helping me on my webcam problem. I followed the mentioned steps given by LookinAround and I found my webcam's driver!Thank you very much!I don't know how to thank you for this. I want to thank Spyder1386 for giving me the link of this thread. And LookinAround for the steps.

I also want to thank all in TechSpot!This website is great!and you guys are great!Thank you very very very much!I posted a thread regarding my webcam problem,and thank god that Spyder1386 replied and give me the link of this thread.I found out that my webcam's Hardware ID is USB/VID0AC8&PID307B7REV0100 and USB/VID0AC8&PID307B.I used to search the first ID and it didn't match.then as LookinAround said that the 2nd ID works, it actually works!I found the driver of my webcam on google. (thanks LookinAround).Hope you guys can help more people with this webcam issue.If you guys only know how happy I am.because that webcam has sentimental value because its a gift from my childhood bestfriend.Thank you TechSpot for such a great help!From,PortalTreaf. Alcor Micro, Corp. Is IC/Semiconductor company, and we only sell IC components to OEM manufacture customers. All warranty & support issues are provided directly to OEM/manufacturer customers of Alcor Micro. End users of products incorporating Alcor IC’s & components into a finished product with any support or technical questions about how to use the product should contact the Product mfg directly or the retail location where they bought the end product.

Alcor Micro does not directly provide end-user/retail customer support. Hi alicarlos13You're presenting a good challenge! Here's what i'd like to do in exploring a solution for you.

First, good work again B00kWyrm! This hardware ID does indeed indicate an Alcor Micro device inside the web cam. Meaning Alcor is the chip vendor and enet (or enet360) is the company that actually built the webcam. Note: That I did find a few enet or enet360 related websites but i'm not including the links as i;m suspicious of malware on the sites (one in english, two in, i think, chinese).

I did (cautiously) look at the english site (as i can't read chinese) but didn't see anything of interest. But I also noticed something curious about your hardware IDs. The MI xx in the ID means it's a USB composite device (That's a USB device with multiple device interfaces). I'd like to double check and verify these IDs are indeed your webcam (and/or if any other Hardware and Device IDs are involved) because i'm not sure i've seen a USB web cam composite device before (tho maybe i'm just not remembering or maybe, in fact, your web cam happens to be a composite device). These steps will let me know for sure​ Could you pleaseFirst, disconnect your webcam from the computer. Then click Start-Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it.

Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?. If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next postNext, re-connect your webcamBe sure you first close msinfo32 from above steps! Then repeat all the steps to get a NEW (and refreshed) msinfo32 and what is reported this time (with webcam connected). Then copy/paste the items into your next postOnce i can first double check the current ID data, i can explain how to also look for something called Compatible IDs which can also point us to driver solutions.

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