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For more product information, refer to the JBuilder 2008 R2 Help online and the various links on the Welcome to Embarcadero JBuilder 2008 R2 menu item on the product Help menu. These resources describe the new features of JBuilder 2008 R2. You can also find other plug-in specific help through the Eclipse Online Help links. Installing Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2008 R2 Release Notes; How to manually rearm the 10 day activation grace period When the initial 10-day activation period nears its end, you can run the Slmgr.vbs script to reset it back to 10 days. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Command Prompt.

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. Eclipse 3.4.1 supportJBuilder 2008 R2 is based on Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.1. Please refer to the following link, and search for What's New to see new features in Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.1. Capabilities/ProfilesCapabilities/Profiles is an extension of Eclipse's Capabilities. To reduce clutter in the workbench and to more narrowly focus your views, UI elements (such as menus and tool buttons) are grou ped into Capabilities. They can then be selectively enabled or disabled.


Collections of Capabilities are grouped into Profiles. JBuilder 2008 R2 comes with predefined Profiles and you can create your own. Profiles enable fast UI switching. To edit JBuilder Prof iles, click the UI Profiles drop-down menu on the status bar and click Edit Profiles. Getting Started WizardThe Getting Started wizard helps configure the workspace to work effectively with JBuilder. It opens the first time you launch JBuilder in a new or existing workspace. Among other things, the wizard allows you to disable and enable serveral features to reduce UI clutter and improve performance.

Feature NavigatorFeature Navigator guides you through existing IDE features. Under features where it is appropriate, help topics and one or more cheat sheets are provided to help define the workflow(s) using the UI e lements that make up that feature.

The Feature Navigator is helpful to explore what features are new in a particular version of JBuilder, as well as helpful for users new to JBuilder but know the task they would like to complete. TaggingThe ability to tag resources is now available in all Java projects in a workspace. Tags are typically used to group related resources. They provide an organizational and navigational mechanism for the application. Use the Tags view to create tags, link resources to tags and focus certain IDE views on resources linked to a tag. Tags now support rules that define java type patterns that can apply to java files in your workspace that will get dynamically added to provided or specified tags. Some basic rules are defined and can be viewed in the Reorganize Tags and Links view.


To bring up this view click on the dropdown menu in the Tags view and select Reogranize Tags and Links. Enable Java ModelingJava modeling can be enabled for any Eclipse Java project by right clicking on the project in the Package Explorer and select Enable Java Modeling. Model Scope Selection. The Model Scope Selector view in the Modeling perspective allows you to exclude classes from the diagram reducing clutter and memory footprint.

Child members of java classes are now hidden automatically in diagrams when a complexity threshold is reached. Classes with hidden member elements can be expanded and collapsed to view/hide member elements using the 'Show/Hide All Members' toolbar button.

The threshold can be configured in workspace settings. To edit the threshold, click Window Preferences. Expand Modeling and click on Scope to modify settings for viewing/hiding child members in a class diagram. Export/Import Workspace SettingsExport/Import Wizard allows teams to share a common workspace configuration, as well as rapidly reconstruct an existing workspace. To open the wizard select File Export or Import General Workspace Settings. Export Jar file with dependency checkingThis wizard allows you to export project(s) and library dependencies into a JAR file on the local file system. To open the wizard select File Export and select Java JAR file with dependency checking.

Generation of EJB test client for EJB 2.x and 3.0 session beansThe EJB Test Client is a simple standalone java class with mean method that can be used to test EJBs with remote interfaces. DTO/Session Facade and client generation for EJB 2.x and 3.0 entity beansThe DTO/Session Facade wizard generates data transfer objects (DTOs) for EJB 2.x entity beans. It generates a session facade and delegate for both EJB 2.x and 3.0 entity beans. It also provides the option to generate either a Struts or JSF web client or a standalone java client.

The wizard for EJB 2.x entity beans are opened by right-clicking on an entity bean in the EJB diagram and selecting the option Run DTO/Session Facade wizard. The wizard for EJB 3.0 entity beans are opened by right-clicking on an entity bean in the EJB diagram and selecting the option Run Session Facade wizard.Updating Your Product License. License updates include new or modified license attributes.

There are three ways to update the JBuilder License:. Manual license updates. Scheduled license updates. Software updateTo manually update your license:. Open Help JBuilder Licensing License Updates.The license update selection window opens. From the License update selection window, select the license(s) you wish to update. Click OK.If an update is available, a message is returned describing the new license.

Click OK to update. There is also a message returned when there is no update available.To schedule license updates:. Open Window Preferences Licensing.

Check Enable automatic license update. Select a schedule option in the Automatic License Update Schedule box.The final way to update your license happens when you update the software. At this time you are automatically asked if you would like to update your license. When running Blackfish SQL for Java as a service, Blackfish SQL may not be registered by default. This is because JBuilder 2008 R2 is licensed for a specific user; and Windows services by default do not run as that user.

There are two options:. Run the Blackfish service as the same user that is licensed to run JBuilder.

For example, if jbblogs is the registered JBuilder user, then open Start Control Panel and double-click Administrative Tools. Next, double-click Services. Right-click Blackfish SQL, select Properties, and click the Log On tab.

From here select the 'This account' radio button, specify jbblogs as the user, and then enter jbblogs' password in the Password and Confirm password fields. If the service is running you need to restart it. When you attempt to connect to a Blackfish SQL server running as a service and you receive an error, you see a message listing the directories where Blackfish SQL is looking for license files. Make note of those directories.

Then, depending on your license, do one of the following:. Users who have already registered JBuilder 2008 R2 Enterprise: (or go to and enter Blackfish SQL JBuilder Enterprise Edition serial number: A2CB-SPASNA-GDA4QE-8EKC and Registration Code: 2275).Save the activation file in one of the directories Blackfish SQL is looking for licenses. Users who have already registered JBuilder 2008 R2 Professional: (or go to and enter Blackfish SQL JBuilder Professional Edition serial number: F2QB-DTAKSD-AMBMBD-NELC and Registration Code: 3212). Save the activation file in one of the directories Blackfish SQL is looking for licenses. If you are a networked license user and your instance of JBuilder is connected to the local license server (BLS or FLEXnet), copy JBuilder2008 R2RootDirectory/jbuilder/eclipse/license/concurrentxxx.slip (or namedxxx.slip) to one of the directories Blackfish SQL is looking for licenses. The Mac and Microsoft® Windows™ Vista installer for Blackfish SQL 8 does not make the sample databases transactional.

This prevents the databases from being accessed from JDBC or SQL unless the database is opened in read-only mode. Use the following steps to make sample databases transactional:. Launch JdsExplorer from BFSQL-INSTALL-DIR/bin/JdsExplorer. Use File Open to open a database.Sample databases can be found in the BFSQL-INSTALL-DIR/samples/JDataStore/datastores. Select a database to open. Enter sysdba for user and masterkey for the password. Use the TxManager Install menu to make the database transactional.

Press OK on the Tx Manager properties dialog. Close the JdsExplorer.J Optimizer. The Maven repository snapshot zip file is located on the partner DVD for your convenience. A Maven repository is required for building JBuilder 2008 R2 application factories data-aware sample modules. The modules will try to download the repository from the Maven central repository. If you have network issues, or run into problems with the download, you can unzip the provided maven repository zip file into your user home.m2 directory. This ensures the data-aware sample modules work properly.

Alternatively, you can prevent the modules from trying to download the repository across the network by setting the preference for Maven to 'offline':. Select Windows Preferences. From the Preferences dialog, select Maven.

Turn on the Offline checkbox.Known Issues.Workaround: In Window Preferences General Web Browser, selecting Firefox (and potentially other browsers) in the External browser list may fail as described. Instead, set Firefox as your system's default browser and choose Default system Web browser in the list.

4543 and 4598 Macintosh Some drag-and-drop operations do not work on Macintosh:. Dragging workspace files onto tags in the Tags view (e.g. From the Package Explorer) while the view is in Browse mode causes the mouse cursor to indicate a link, but releasing the mouse button to drop the file has no effect. Dropping files onto the links table in the Tag Reorganization editor also has no effect.

Use the Tags view's Link mode to link files. Dragging any image file onto the thumbnail strip of the Preview page while editing an.adex (Application Factory module definition) file has no effect. Click the large green plus to open a dialog box to browse for preview images. 8224 TPTP Test functionality doesn't work on Macintosh OS X 10.5. 4550 and 4698 Install fails to complete and JBuilder fails to launch with a JVM error,Cannot reserve more then 1136mb of memory for JBuilder on certain machine configurations.Workaround: This is a 2-step workaround.

Edit the file JBuilder.ini in the root of the JBuilder install directory and add the parameter:-vm jrejrebinjavaw.exe. Run JBuilderHome/resetJbuilder.batReference:. Clean option on startup with new plugins: If you use a workspace that was created by an earlier version of JBuilder or Eclipse, the IDE should be launched with the -clean option on the command line. Jbuilder.exe -cleanThis procedure is recommended whenever there are new plugin versions being executed. Using the clean option on the command line during startup removes caches and preferences in the workspace that might cause problems for the newer plugins.

Crack Para Jbuilder 2008 R2

Crack Para Jbuilder 2008 R2 7

5425 Headless features require JBuilder to be licensed using full GUI - in order to run any command line tools or other headless features of JBuilder, JBuilder must first be licensed using the full GUI mode. 5427 - Some data-aware frameworks are missing when upgrading an Enterprise License. 621 Legacy Java EE JBuilder project imports copy over generated sources for web services projects resulting in compilation errors in JBuilder 2008 R2. Workaround: Remove the generated sources that were copied from the legacy project manually. Rebuild the project in JBuilder 2008 R2. 2202 Legacy Java EE project import fails if the machine does not have an active internet connection.

Workaround: Ensure that the computer has an active internet network connection before performing a legacy JBuilder Java EE project import.Web Services. 2411 Geronimo Web Services: User cannot access web project using default context name when deploying a standalone web project Workaround: Package the web project into an Enterprise Application project and deploy the Enterprise Application Archive (EAR). 7524 AtLeap: Deployment fails using Geronimo 2.1.x due to lack of memory Workaround: For Geronimo (2.1.x), the server runtime launch configuration should be modified and Java VM memory should be increased. It worked when I added the following parameters to VM arguments in the launch configuration: -Xms256m -Xmx896m.

7617 AtLeap: Compilation errors occur when generating the AtLeap module on Macintosh with Geronimo (2.1.x/1.1.1). Workaround: Edit the VM arguments for the Geronimo server by double clicking on the server in the Servers view and add VM argument -Xmx512M. 7582 AtLeap/JBoss/Linux: Setting up the target runtime and default server for JBoss does not enable the Next button. Workaround: Switch to another server and back to JBoss.Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). 5372 ClearCase - users have reported issues with the ClearCase plugin that ships with JBuilder. IBM offers an improved version of the ClearCase plugin. If you use ClearCase with JBuilder we recommend that you download it from.

2870 In some cases when a JPA modeling project is under subversion VCS, modification of entities brings up a Subversion lock dialog.To avoid it edit.metadata.pluginsorg.eclipse.core.runtime.settingscom.tssap.selena.model.platform.eclipse.prefs file and add a line UseHookForTeamOperations=false. 5322 JBoss Tools HTML Editor - On Linux systems, opening an HTML file for the first time in a workspace with the JBoss Tools HTML Editor may not work.

If it fails, try restarting JBuilder. Select File Switch Workspace Other, and click OK to restart in the same workspace. If it still fails, follow the steps at to make sure you have the correct libstcd version installed on your machine. 5652 The Java Script editor opens a dialog when code completion is invoked. This happens when typing a javascript varaibale followed by a '.'

Crack Para Jbuilder 2008 R2 1

Workaround: Turn off all completion proposals in Windows Preferences Java Script Editor Content Assist Advanced. 7268 EJB Session Facade Wizard: Deploy JSF test client on JBoss 4.2 fails. JBoss 4.2 does not support web container 2.5 (the same issue with JSF Data-Aware Apps on JBoss 4.2)Team Development with ProjectAssist and TeamInsight. The following are known problems in the various components installed during the ProjectAssist server installation. These can affect the use of these components by the TeamInsight clients.

ProjectAssist Administration. 2085 Navigating back and forth in ProjectAssist File Wizard during a.pacx file install may cause inconsistent results in subsequent relists of already scanned components.Workaround: Cancel and re-scan. 2652 The caret and percent sign (^ and%) cannot be used in ProjectAssist project names. The use of these characters causes problems in Subversion.

2836 Dates selected via the date picker UI in Xplanner are not formatted correctly. Workaround: users will need to enter the date manually in the date fields using the format yyyy-mm-dd instead of using the UI to select the dates.Liferay. 1545 If first Pre-Installation Scan in the ProjectAssist Stack file install is skipped, the user cannot assimilate a running install of Liferay until the user enters non-conflicting values.Workaround: If you want to assimilate an existing Liferay installation, do not skip the first Pre-Installation Scan during the ProjectAssist stack file installation. Perform at least the Minimal Scan during the first Pre-Installation Scan. 1943 When opening Bugzilla portlet through Liferay, the X-axis (Time)on the Trends tab starts with an old date.(1970-01-01). 2619 On some systems, the StarTeam portlets in the Liferay portal may not work immediately after an install.Workaround: If the StarTeam portlets do not work, reboot the computer which has the Liferay server installed on it.

6663 The Liferay portal fails to load in an external IE browser under Win 2003 (IE6 and IE7). Loads okay with FireFox and from w/in ProjectAssist. Loads okay under WinXP/IE7. 8290 Liferay's StarTeam task portlet shows up as inactivated.

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