Construction Bid Template Microsoft Word

Free Contractor Bid Proposal Form. Construction Proposal Template. We hereby submit the following specifications and estimates for. If you want to construct a construction proposal of your own, you can get the help from the construction proposal template. This template contains a simple format and also different categories that enables the user to input detailed information about the project. You can customize this template to incorporate into your business.

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Another name of construction proposal is a bid response. When a builder intends to bid on a contract for a construction project, then this document is created. A construction proposal may include five different items; detailed specifications, blueprints, tender documents, and pricing. Regardless of the industry or the size of the project, these items are required to prepare a proposal.The real purpose of a proposal is to design a specific information to allow the recipient to make a decision between multiple projects design and builders.

The set of items or documents attached to the proposal, mentioned above, will also be submitted with the permission as well as the planning board for the region or the city that gives you permission to go ahead with the project. A construction proposal cannot be a legal proposal if there are no original tender documents attached to it. One must keep in mind that it is a legal even though it looks like a waste of papers. What is more, the proposal is taken as a response to a purchasing request. Tender documents are of utmost importance.

Construction Bid Template Microsoft Word

Once you include these documents in your proposal they remove any possible confusion for a particular project. For instance, the tender document can over-ride the information that is wrongly included in the proposal.Here is preview of this Construction Proposal Template created using Microsoft Word 2007,Another important part of a proposal is blueprints. The blueprints are schematics or the architectural drawing of the space. Once your proposal has approved, then these official sketches or drawings are used to create a building. If the information given in the proposal contradicts with the information with that given in the drawing, then it will not be accepted.

Therefore, it goes with a lot of importance for a client to review such information in the drawings other than other items in the proposal. A high-level projection of how the finished project should appear as an illustration.Additionally, there is also a detailed specification in the thickest section of the construction proposal. The contractor is bound to provide the exact description of the items, in this document, that he or she is supposed to sue. Such as the contractor should identify the size of the pipes, type and the rating of the wadding, and a sign of accurately where it is installed.Let’s talk about the pricing section in the construction proposal. Subcontracts are supposed to be an essential part in the construction market.

Therefore, in construction projects, the large firms are bound to include subcontractors’ list as well as offer their workers security and business license numbers as part of the proposal.Overall, as a large firm or a construction firm, one must keep in mind that the proposal is full of necessary items including detailed documents. One should also value this that it has its legality from the permission or city board.

In others, you must know follow the terms and conditions, given in the construction proposal. If you do this on priority basis, then this will create problems for you in the future.Here is download link for this Construction Proposal Template.


We’ve put together a list of our 6 favourite free estimate templates. They’re easy to download and use in any file format that works for you. Modify, print and send them as many times as you like.Before we dive in however, check out our estimate maker for an easy way to generate estimates for your projects. The free templates are great for simple estimates, however they are quite limited when you need a bit of flexibility.

You often have to fiddle with the layout after you’ve added your line items to make sure that everything looks great. You can avoid all of that by simply using our online estimate maker. Each free estimate template is a simple and easy way to send a professional-looking quote to clients. Simply download a file and fill out the customizable fields. Then you’re ready to email or print and mail the estimate. Estimate template highlightsSimilar to our, we’ve put in quite a bit of effort to make sure that our estimate templates look great. Completely free, blank estimate template ready to send to clients.

Fully customizable. Professional format with all essential estimate elements. Automatic formulas for calculating totals, taxesWhat’s the difference between an Estimate and an Invoice?Invoices are a written agreement verifying the exchange between the buyer and seller, which establish an obligation to pay on the part of the buyer. Estimates are only a rough quote of costs while invoices include actual costs of a transaction.With estimates (sometimes called quotes) you’re predicting how much a project may cost or how long it will take to complete.

There’s no legal obligation to stick to those predictions once your client has agreed to work with you, however customers won’t like it if your final invoice differs too much from your initial quoted price. Because of this it’s best to give realistic time and cost estimates. What about quotes?Quotes, pricing quotes or sales quotes are very similar to estimates. The difference is that quotes are for fixed cost projects, whereas estimates are more of a ‘educated guess’.When you give out a quote you’re committing to sticking to that price. Even if you end up putting more time in than you expected. On the other hand with an estimate, it’s understood that the end price may differ as the scope of the project becomes clearer.Which people use really depends on your industry and type of work you do. For example graphic designers and photographers typically give out quotes.

On the other hand construction companies and programmers give out estimates.As a document quotes and estimates are essentially the same. They both contain the same sections and information.If you prefer to give out quotes, then we’ve got you covered. Check out our dedicated page.

The templates are the same as the estimate templates here, except they say ‘quote’ in various places. What to include on an estimateHere’s a breakdown of what you need to include in your estimates:. Standard info: date, estimate number (for organizing and future reference), company info. Line items: break down the different parts of the project. Try to be as descriptive as possible with these. Del taco drivers usb to serial.

This section usually makes up the bulk of the project. A few possible line item types:. Number of hours required to complete a task. Materials or equipment.

Licenses and fees. For example if you’re working on building renovations, the local city council may require an inspection of your plans and materials before you get started. How long the estimate is valid for.

Prices for materials and workers may change over time, so you should always include an ‘expiry’ for your estimate. Project timeline. Customers usually ask for quotes for projects that take more than one day.

Microsoft Office Bid Proposal Template

Because of this it’s always useful to write how long the project usually takes. Deposit and payment requirements.

Bid Templates For Word

Similar to the above point, estimates are only given for larger projects. Because of this it’s normal to ask for some sort of deposit or incremental payments (e.g: 30% at start, 30% at half way point, 40% after handoff).Our estimate templates have places laid out for each of the above items.

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