Cirrus Dispersion Software

In this software we can input the rate of gas and weather condition plus height of release then according. The Result of Gaussian Dispersion with Cirrus (H2S).

Cirrus Dispersion Software

The NoiseTools software package gives you a quick and simple way to download, analyse and report the noise measurement information recorded by an optimus sound level meter.For many users, the most challenging part of a noise survey is the reporting and analysis of the results and so having a simple way to view, analyse and print the information is essential. NoiseTools gives you a range of tools to report and analyse your noise data quickly and easily.The standard version of NoiseTools is supplied with the Optimus Sound Level Meters, doseBadge Noise Dosimeters and the Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorders. The functions available in the software are determined by the instrument that the measurement was made with, making analysis quick, simple and straight forward.To enhance the capability of NoiseTools, a range of are available.

Cirrus Dispersion SoftwareCirrus Dispersion Software

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Details of these can be found in the following information. NoiseTools, Saving You Time & Money. Licence-Free with no installation restrictions. Install NoiseTools on to as many PC's at no extra cost.

Download the latest version, free of charge, from the Cirrus website. Simple deployment for multiple users with detailed documentation for AdminsAs with all Cirrus sound level meter and doseBadge software, NoiseTools is supplied free from any licensing restrictions and can be installed on as many PC's as is needed without the need to purchases any additional licences, seats or keys.Updates can be downloaded free of charge from the Cirrus website. Where access rights permit, NoiseTools can automatically download and installed updates when they become available.Detailed installation information and guidance is available to help in the installation process. If NoiseTools is to be used in a networked environmnet or where data is to be shared between multiple users, NoiseTools can be setup to support these requirements.

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View an overview of the measurement data using the Summary Screens. Add notes & allocate measurements to people, places or projects.Listening to recordings and analysing data is a key part of noise nuisance management and something that traditionally has taken a lot of time. NoiseTools makes this simple with a range of audio playback and analysis tools. Listen to VoiceTagsVoiceTags are audio notes that can be stored by data logging versions of the Optimus sound level meters, such as the CR:162C, at the start of a measurement. This allows you to talk into the microphone and record notes about the measurement such as the location, noise source or weather conditions.VoiceTags are downloaded with the measurement data and can be have can be played back through the NoiseTools software, allowing you to transcripe the notes into the Notes field for that measurement. Automatically convert VoiceTag notes into textNew in NoiseTools v1.8 is a feature that allows the software to take a VoiceTag and using cloud-based speech recognition techology, convert the recordings into text and store them automatically into the notes field. Calibrated audio playbackAudio recoridngs made with the Optimus Green sound level meters and Trojan noise nuisance recorders can be played back through NoiseTools, allowing you to listen to the noise that was being measured.NoiseTools allows the level of audio playback to be calibrated using an Optimus or Trojan sound level meter.

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This can be useful when there is a need to present evidence of noise nuisance or to demonstrate the actual noise levels that were recorded.A simple step-by-step process adjusts the playback level and measures the level using the sound level meter so that the audio volume matches that of the measured noise levels. NoiseTools provides a range of analysis tools where you need to dig deeper into the measurement data.Advanced Analysis tools include:.

Create markers and annotations for measurements with automatic calculation of values within markers. Combine markers of the same type for 'What if?'

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