Cavena Tempo Software

Cavena Tempo Software

Back to the Asimptote Software main page. Please feel free to contact us for further information. With Cycle-Tempo, you can design, analyze, optimize and monitor the thermodynamics of the energy system that you design and operate.


Tempo is a software preparation station that is installed under WinXP or Windows 7 on a standard PC, laptop or desktop. Tempo can play any video file for which there is a codec installed on the computer.Tempo is a professional subtitle preparation system used by thousands of professional subtitlers over the world. The Tempo subtitling software lets you create subtitles that support all major subtitle formats and languages with an unmatched productivity.Tempo is built on years of knowledge from earlier subtitling systems produced by Cavena such as Scantitling MTL or STWin.

The experience from these products and from discussions with hundreds of subtitlers has lead to the present design of Tempo. According to many of our customers Tempo is the most customer friendly and efficient tool for subtitling on the market.Tempo has a built-in system compensating for missing frames from low cost MPEG-1 or WMV digitizing. Therefore Tempo produces frame accurate subtitle files also for the video files.Subtitle preparation workflowTempo handles any language that can be typed under WinXP or Windows 7 including complex languages such as Chinese, Thai etc.Tempo also handles right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.Tempo includes a spell checker with open dictionaries allowing the user to add words to the dictionary or apply a complete user designed dictionary.Tempo has a number of features designed to help the translator achieve a perfect result in a short time. We provide the system for evaluation at no charge since we believe only your own tests can convince you of the benefits of the system.The work flow in Tempo is to receive a video file and play this back while translating the subtitles. It is possible to time each subtitle as you go or to time them either after the translation has been done or as some translators prefer to do – timing prior to the translation.Once the subtitle file is complete the total work will be pre-viewed with subtitles in the video.

Striking the Right Balance!Businesses can’t let their users upload and store files in just any cloud. They need a simple, fast, reliable and highly secure way to share, sync, access, and manage information. OpenText, the trusted source of content and records management, customer experience, and business process solutions for the world’s best-known brands, offers the right blend of cloud like experience delivered on an ECM infrastructureOpenText Tempo Box simplifies the content management experience, and allows users to securely sync, share, and store information across all the devices they use, without sacrificing the records management rigor and security demanded by your organization’s internal policies and industry regulations. Benefits.

Store information safely: Allow users to work with it as they need—using desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices—within the confines of the corporate firewall. Compliance and security: Ensure that compliance and security are not compromised while still affording users the flexibility they desire. Deliver content on the go: Make sharing and collaboration easier than ever, whether at the office, on the road, or at home. Protect your information: Access files securely from anywhere.

For example, if your laptop fails, just retrieve your files from another machine or your mobile device. Encourage adoption: Make content management a natural extension of how users work in productivity tools today. Easily share content: Share from the ECM application without needing to move or copy the content first.

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Create and assign simple tasks: Keep business processes moving forward. Improve information sharing and collaboration: Integration with OpenText™ Brava!™ensures that documents can be viewed without requiring the content to be downloaded. Safely apply annotations and mark ups when needed.

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