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Lab 11: Implementing Endpoints: BAT Lab OverviewIn this exercise, you will explore options for adding end pointsto CUCM. You will configure the Self-Provisioning IVR Service, register phoneswith Auto-Registration, use the Bulk Administration Tool, and manuallyconfigure phones. Estimated Time to Complete45 minutes Lab TopologyAttention eLab StudentsYou Must Perform Appendix A Steps Before This Lab!If you have purchased or received Cisco eLab credits foruse with our Labs on Demand solution, you will need to perform specialprocedures to ensure your IP Communicator and Cisco 9951 IP Phones properlyregister.Our lab environment uses reset points allowing you torewind and fast forward throughout various labs in a course. When performing areset point, the static entries in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager forCisco 9951 and IP Communicator devices changes, requiring updates in order toproperly register. Please See Appendix A in the eLabs Web PortalWhen you log in to the Remote Labs web interface at,you will be presented with a pop-up window containing the specific lab exerciseyou are working on. The appendix will be located in the upper navigation barinside the pop-up window as seen below:Lab Procedures Task 1: Add a New Phone in Communications Manager UsingCUCM BATIn this task, you will register an IP phone using the CUCMBAT Tool. You will also export a phone configuration into a text file andmodify the text file to add new phones.

Oct 31, 2013  The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration Tool (BAT), a web-based application, performs bulk transactions to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database. BAT lets you add, update, or delete a large number of similar phones, users, or ports at the same time.

Each student can independently performall of the steps. You will not be creating real phones, this is simply anexercise. Create a Phone Template and Use the BAT SpreadsheetIf not already open, from your Citrix Desktop, log into Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration.Using the Navigation drop-down, navigate to Cisco Unified Serviceability and click Go.Navigate to Tools ServiceActivation and ensure that the Cisco Bulk ProvisioningService is activated.Using the Navigation drop-down, navigate to Cisco Unified CM Administration and click Go.Navigate to Bulk Administration Phones Phone Template Add New. For Phone Type, select Cisco 7965. For theDevice Protocol, select SCCP and click Next.Phone Template Name: HQ 7965-S1(or S2)Description: HQ 7965 phonesDevice Pool: DefaultPhone Button Template: Standard7965 SCCPSoftkey Template: Standard UserDevice Security Profile: Cisco7965 – Standard SCCP Non-Secure Profile. Note: The Device Security Profile can befound by scrolling down the page.Line Template Name: HQ Line 1TemplateExternal Phone Number Mask: 41668XXXXXOpen the bat.xlt file from thedesktop; it will have a name like bat10.5.2.10000-5.xlt.Click Cancel if offered the Microsoft Office ActivationWizard.Clickthe Phones tab on the bottom left of the spreadsheet.Find and click the Create File Format button.ForDevice Fields, move Device Pool to the pane on theright. For Line Fields, move Directory Number to thepane on the right.


Note: You cannot import a new phone withsame MAC address as a phone already in the system. Do not use a MAC addressalready used.ClickExport to BAT format (on the far right of the page).The file will be created and a confirmation dialog boxwill pop up. Do not save anychanges to the BAT file.Closethe Excel spreadsheet but do not save the changes.Findthe file you just created on the desktop and double click it to have a look.

Notethat the file is in CSV format. Close the file.WithinUnified Communications Manager Administration, navigate to BulkAdministration Upload/Download Files Add New. Add New is atthe bottom left of the window or click the + icon.Click the Browse button and point to the desktop andselect the new phones file you just created. For Target, select Phones and for Select Transaction Type, select Insert Phones – Specific Details. Click Save.The status should now change to Upload successful.Navigateto Bulk Administration Phones Insert Phones.Set the following attributes and click Submit.File Name: NewPhonesS1.txt(or NewPhonesS2.txt)Phone template Name: HQ 7965-S1(or HQ 7965-S2)Job Description: BAT Phones LabS1(or S2)Job Information: select RunImmediatelyNavigateto Bulk Administration Job Scheduler Find.The status should be Completed.If the status is completed, click the Job id for yourjob to see if the Job Result Status is Success. The Jobid is on the far left of the window.Navigateto Device Phone Find from CallManagerAdministration. Verify the phones have been added to the database.


Since thesephones are only dummy entries, their status and IP address will appear as Unknown. Task 2: Use Text Files to Add New PhonesIn this task, you will use text files to add new phones.Navigateto Bulk Administration Phones Export Phones Specific Details.Enterthe following information and click Find.Find Phones where: Descriptioncontains: S1 BAT (or S2 BAT)Onlytwo phones should be displayed.

Click Next.Enterthe following information and click Submit.Filename: ExportS1 (or ExportS2)File Format: Default Phone FormatCheck: Run ImmediatelyNavigateto Bulk Administration Job Scheduler and click Find. Look in the Description fieldfor the Export Configuration. The status should show Completed.Navigateto Bulk Administration Upload/Download Files andclick Find.Choosethe ExportS1 (or ExportS2)text file (there will be a date-time string of digits) and click Download Selected. Save the file to your desktop.UseWordPad to open the file.Turnoff word wrap in WordPad.Inthe file, replace the following fields. Be very careful not to add spaces orstray characters:For your first phone:MAC ADDRESS: SEP01(or SEP01)DESCRIPTION: Text BAT S1-1(or Text BAT S2-1)DIRECTORY NUMBER: 11103(or 11203)LINE TEXT LABEL: Dummy Line 1-1(or Dummy Line 2-1)For your second phone:MAC ADDRESS: SEP02(or SEP02)DESCRIPTION: Text BAT S1-2(or Text BAT S2-2)DIRECTORY NUMBER: 11104(or 11204)LINE TEXT LABEL: Dummy Line 1-2(or Dummy Line 2-2)Savethe file with the new name ImportS1 (or ImportS2). Close WordPad.InCisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, navigate to Bulk Administration Upload/Download Files.ClickAdd New, enter the following and click Save.File: (click Browse andfind your ImportS1 or ImportS2)Select the Target: PhonesSelect Transaction Type: InsertPhones - Specific DetailsCheck: Overwrite File if itExistsNavigateto Bulk Administration Upload/Download Files andverify that the Import file is listed.Nowyou need to create a Phone Template in order to import the new phones.

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You willassume that you want to create 9951 phones. Since these are 9951 phones, the templateyou made earlier will not work. Navigate to BulkAdministration Phones Phone Template and click Add New.ForPhone Type, select Cisco 9951. Click Next.Configurethe following parameters on the Phone Template Configuration page and click Save.Phone Template Name: HQ 9951-S1(or S2)Description: HQ 9951 BAT phonesDevice Pool: DefaultPhone Button Template: Standard9951 SIPSoftkey Template: Standard UserDevice Security Profile: Cisco9951 – Standard SIP Non-Secure ProfileSIP Profile: Standard SIP Profile. Note: The Device Security Profile can befound by scrolling down the page.AddLine 1 by clicking Line 1 – Add a new DN underAssociation Information. You will now need to create a Line Template.

Use thefollowing values and click Save.Line Template Name: HQ Line 1TemplateExternal Phone Number Mask: 41668XXXXXNavigateto Bulk Administration Phones Validate Phones.Enterthe following and click Submit.Check: Validate Phones -Specific DetailsFilename: ImportS1 (or ImportS2)Phone Template Name: HQ 9951-S1(or S2)Navigateto Bulk Administration Job Scheduler and click Find.Clickthe Job ID to view the result. There should be no failures.Clickthe Log File name to view the log file. There should be no errors.Closethe log file.Navigateto Bulk Administration Phones Insert Phones.Enterthe following but do not click Submit.Check: Insert Phones - SpecificDetailsFile Name: ImportS1 (or Import S2)Phone Template Name: HQ 9951-S1(or S2)Check: Overrride the existingconfigurationCheck: Run ImmediatelyClickView File to the right of Insert Phones - Specific Details.Check the file content. Close when finished.ClickView Sample File and observe the file format. Closewhen finished.ClickSubmit. Verify that the screen refreshes with Add Successful.Navigateto Bulk Administration Job Scheduler and click Find.Clickthe Job ID to view the result. There should be no failures.Clickthe Log File name to view the log file.

Bat Xlt Download Full

There should be no errors.Navigateto Device Phone (be sure to clear any Findparameters). Click Find.Verifythat the new phones have been added.

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