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Go back in time to a place of magic and dragons, where Barbie™ stars as Rapunzel. Rapunzel had the most beautiful, radiant hair the world had ever seen. But Rapunzel’s life was far from wonderful. She lived as a servant of Gothel, a jealous, scheming witch who kept her hidden deep in a forbidding forest, guarded by the enormous dragon Hugo and surrounded by an enchanted glass wall. However, in a twist of fate, Rapunzel’s discovery of a magic paintbrush leads her on a journey that will unravel a web of deception, bring peace to two feuding kingdoms, and ultimately lead her to love with the handsome Prince Stefan.

Play eight creative activities as you help Rapunzel get ready for the ball. Choose pretty ball gowns, design beautiful masquerade masks, and decorate the royal thrones and more. Break Gothel's spell, restore the castle, and free Prince Stefan. Create animated paintings and more with the Magic Tool Box. Dress Rapunzel for the Masquerade Ball.

She succeeds with the help of Penelope,™ the least intimidating of dragons! Starring Academy Award® winner Anjelica Huston as Gothel and Cree Summer as Penelope™. The movie features a song performed by Samantha Mumba and music by the London Symphony Orchestra. Barbie™ as Rapunzel shows that love and imagination can change the world.

Product DescriptionA terrible spellhas ruined the enchanted castle and turned the handsome Prince Stefan tostone! Use your creativity and imagination as you go on eight magicaladventures redecorating every room of the castle and searching formissing gems to bring the Prince back to life. Only you can helpRapunzel bring beauty to the castle and save the kingdom in time for theMasquerade Ball!

Play eight creative activities as you help Rapunzelget ready for the ball. Choose pretty ball gowns, design beautifulmasquerade masks, and decorate the royal thrones and more.BreakGothel's spell, restore the castle, and free Prince Stefan.

Createanimated paintings and more with the Magic Tool Box. Dress Rapunzel forthe Masquerade Ball.

Create and print a magical memory scrapbook. PrinceStephan and his castle have been turned to stone and the gems from theprince's crown have been scattered throughout the castle. Kids mustrestore castle rooms and collect the lost gems to reunite Rapunzel(Barbie) with her prince. Each room of the large castle has items torestore and decorate. Sparkling hot spots lead to fun and easy-to-usedecoration tools.

With simple mouse movements and clicks, childrenchoose items like colorful, animated wall candles, furniture and plants.Also in each room are items that lead to their own creativity screen.Kids design, tile by tile, the ceramic floor in the main hall forexample, or pick the colors and patterns for the royal chairs. As eachroom is complete, kids use a magnifying glass to search for jewels. Ifyou're okay with lots of pink and purple and Barbie's sugar-sweet voice,there are some very nice creativity and fantasy opportunities for kidsages 5-8. The 'girl saves boy' theme is a nice change, ReviewDon your tiara and pickup your wand, for only true, good princesses can enter the enchantedworld of Barbie as Rapunzel.Rapunzel and Prince Stefanhave organised a masked ball, but they didn't invite the local wickedwitch, Gothel. When Gothel finds out, she is furious and promptly castsan evil spell over the castle and its inhabitants. The prince is turnedto stone, the jewels from his crown are scattered around, and theenchanted castle is immersed in darkness.

When Rapunzel and her trustypurple-and very cute-dragon friend enter the doomed castle, they arechallenged by the witch to find the jewels in order to rescue the princeand restore the castle to its former glory.One of the mostmagical, creative packages on the market, this interactive adventurereally is superlative. The graphics are fantastic and pixels do notstick between screens. The movement is fluid and controlled and thesound is excellent.This package also develops basic PC skills,creativity, and imagination, and encourages colour recognition, shapematching, hand-to-eye coordination, and cause-and-effect recognitionskills. The accompanying music completes the magical experience.Barbieas Rapunzel is accompanied by a clear, comprehensive instructionbooklet that should probably be read by a parent before commencing. Thatsaid, instructions are given throughout the quest in a clear, slowvoice and objects flash onscreen to reinforce the message. The helpsection can also be accessed at any time.

Barbie Rapunzel Game Download For Mac

The manufacturer recommendsthis package for children ages 5 and older, and though help may berequired to begin with, a computer-literate 5- or 6-year-old will soonget the hang of things and be able to play alone. All in all, a superbpackage that kids, Barbie fans or not, will just love.SusanNaylor, Amazon.comProduct DescriptionUse your creativity and imagination tohelp Barbie and her purple dragon friend, Penelope, break Gothel's evilspell. Handsome Prince Stefan was turned into a stone statue by thespell, and his enchanted castle lies in ruins, with the royal jewelsthat will set him free hidden-only Barbie, as Rapunzel, can break thewicked spell. And once Gothel's spell is broken, the prince freed, andthe castle restored, kids can celebrate with Stefan and Rapunzel at abrilliant masquerade ball and save their creations in a magic memoryscrapbook that can also be printed.In Barbie as Rapunzel: ACreative Adventure, kids journey through eight interactiveactivities, including Magical Mosaics, Design a Throne, Garden Maze,Princess Paintings, Magical Masquerade, and more. The Magic Paint Boxguides kids creatively through each activity. It's filled with tools,like a magic wand, twinkle sprinkles, and living stickers, so kids canpaint, add textures, and even animate objects, as they help Rapunzelrescue the prince, find the crown jewels, and restore the royal castle.

Customer Reviews Hours of fun!I bought this for my 5 1/2year old and she and her 4 year old sister play with it all the time. Myyounger daughter is also having trouble with the maze but she stillloves everything else. This also has educational and problem solvinggames. Overall, if your little girl loves Barbie or princesses she willbe fascinated by this game. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of it,too.

Barbie Rapunzel Computer Game Download

Definitely worth the money!!TheBEST Software Game My Daughter Has. Hands Down.First off, I have to say thatI am really surprised about the negative reviews and believe theirtechnical problems are due to their hardware/operating systemlimitations.That said, I must say this is the mostcomprehensive, beautiful, creative, fun game my daughter has. She playsif for hours!Use your imagination!My 3 year old daughter & Iboth love this software. We actually fight over who is going paint thepictures or choose the themes for each room. This game allows you to becreative & use your imagination by 'decorating' each room of thecastle and finding the missing gems to the prince's crown which givesRapunzel the power to find Prince Stephan who has been turned to stone& bring him back to life. The music & animation is the best Ihave seen. Most of the kids software that I've seen is boring to me asan adult, but this is not at all.

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I sometimes like to play it withouther! There are so many variations on color schemes & patterns &that you can never be bored. I highly recommend this for girls of allages.

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