Ammayi Kapuram Serial Actors

Veteran Telugu writer MVS Haranatha Rao passed away at his residence on Monday following a heart attack. He is survived by wife Koteswari and daughters Sahitya, Sri Sukta and Natya.Haranatha Rao was a noted playwright, scriptwriter and actor in Telugu film industry. He wrote dialogues for more than 150 films. He's popularly known for films like Prathighatana, Bharata Nari, Anna, Swayam Krushi, Dharma Chakram and Sutradharulu.Harantha Rao bagged the Nandi Award for the film Ammayi Kapuram. As an actor, Rao will be remembered for playing character roles in Rakshasudu and Swayamkrushi, directed by K Vishwanath.His notable plays include Raktabali, Jagannatha Ratha Chakralu, Kshirasagara Mathanam, Antham Kadidi Arambham.

  1. Maheswari

The story revolves around Mr. Devrath Dixit, a business tycoon and Dr. Sonakshi Bose, a nutritionist. Dev is a successful business tycoon who lives with his mother Ishwari, whom he's devoted to and his three beloved sisters, Neha, Nikki and Riya, his uncle, aunt and their son Vicky. Sonakshi, on the other hand is a consulting nutritionist, who hails from a middle class Bengali family of five, and is appointed by Dev as Ishwari's permanent consulting nutritionist. Initially, both Ishwari and Dev are indifferent to Sonakshi but gradually form a bond with her.

After a near death experience with a car accident, Sona falls for Dev but Dev has become engaged to business partner Natasha. Just before his engagement, Dev realises his love for Sona and they confess their feelings to each other. Meanwhile, Dev's sister Neha gets married to Ranveer, her English tutor who is from a lower-middle-class family. Ishwari finds out about Dev and Sonakshi's relationship and reluctantly agrees to their alliance but soon succumbs to depression finding it hard to make room for another woman in her son's life. Sensing his mother's disapproval, Dev breaks up with Sona. Dev and Sona fail to move on in their lives and seeing Dev's condition, Ishwari agrees to their marriage.

Dev's aunt Radha Rani, manipulates her sister-in-law Ishwari to have Dev make her son Vicky a project head at the office. Their marriage on the rocks, Ranveer files a harassment case against Neha, leading to their divorce. Sona's cousin Elena elopes with Vicky shocking the Bose family.


Dev resolves Bose family's financial crisis. Sona comes to know from Dev that she has only a 7% chance of conceiving. Sona agrees to undergo fertility treatment as decided by Ishwari.


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Dev's aunt continues stoking fires and misrepresents how Dev helped Sona's brother with a huge loan leading to tensions between the Dixit and Bose families. A number of misunderstandings initially conducted by Radharani and Vicky leads Dev and Sonakshi to separate and she leaves Delhi. A seven-year leap is introduced in the story line.

Sonakshi is now the mother of her and Dev's daughter, six-year old Suhana, and has become a successful businesswoman in her field. The family returns to Delhi from Kolkata due to Sonakshi's work, and Sonakshi tells Suhana that her father lives in Delhi. Elena and Vicky are now the parents of six-year old Golu. Sonakshi and Dev meet after years at an award function, and as fate has it, Suhana and Golu study in the same school. Soon, Dev realizes that Suhana is his daughter, and he reveals his identity to her. After much hesitation, the girl accepts Dev as her father.


For their daughter, Dev and Sonakshi make a deal to live together, while Saurabh gets married to Ronita. Gradually, Dev's love for his ex-wife starts rekindling.

Sonakshi becomes involved in dealing with a dangerous man called Khatri who had been blackmailing Ishwari. Ishwari starts liking Sona and realizes her mistake.

Dev and Sonakshi soon reunite as they realize their love for each other. Season 1 ends with Sonakshi giving birth to Shubh, her and Dev's son, while Saurabh and Ronita gives birth to a girl, Sonita.

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